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Southern California Dentists - Orthodontists - Oral Surgeons - Endodontists

Arroyo Health Care specializing in Cosmetic, General and Restorative Dentistry is located in Pasadena, Valencia and Escondido CA. Information on dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists, and sedation dentistry. Dentists in Southern California.

Modern orthodontic treatment includes phase one care (the placement of removable appliances in patients age 6 through 12). This interceptive treatment is designed to take advantage of the rapid growth during this time and help correct the form and function of the dentition. This care can shorten and lessen the period required for the child to be in standard braces.

The introduction of the INVISALIGN tray system has revolutionized the care in adult patients. This system relies upon a series of trays to move the teeth and because no wires or brackets are used, patient acceptance has been excellent.

In patients with severe skeletal alignment problems, orthodontic treatment, in combination with surgery, may be required to achieve the best functional and cosmetic results. Cosmetic dentistry available as well.

All of our orthodontists are skilled in all aspects of modern orthodontic care and can provide a complementary consultation

Oral surgeons in Pasadena, Valencia and Escondido offered by Arroyo Health Care - a dental facility specializing in all aspects of oral surgery including wisdom teeth removal and dental implants.

Oral surgery is the dental specialty which treats diseases of the maxillofacial and oral tissue. This includes traumatic injury, removal of neoplasms, repair of anomalies and dental surgery.

Endodontists in Pasadena, Valencia and Escondido offered by Arroyo Health Care - a dental facility specializing in all aspects of Endodontics in Southern California. Endodontics is the dental specialty which treats infections and disease of the pulp of the tooth.

Modern endodontics relies upon microscopic removal of diseased tissue, shaping of the internal anatomy of the tooth and placement of inert sealants into the root canal... Because of advances in endodontics, most patients can retain teeth that would otherwise need to be removed.

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